Jungle Cat

April 1, 2014 § 7 Comments

Tigers are one of my favorite things to draw. As are plants. So why did it take me this long to combine the two?



I started by painting the tiger and his environment separately in black and white, then put them together in Photoshop. Add some color, and there it is!



Personality Shift

February 10, 2014 § 8 Comments

I’m a bit late with this update, but life has a funny habit of getting in the way sometimes.

Last year, I was invited to participate in Light Grey Art Lab’s Great Personality show. LGAL has quickly become one of my favorite galleries to produce work for; they always have incredibly creative ideas that I would be surprised to see elsewhere. This is the third show of theirs I’ve had the honor of participating in (the first two being the Macro & Micro and GIRLS: Fact + Fiction shows), and this one was a doozy! The artwork for the show was all done with one goal in mind- to be used later in a series of four interactive dating games inspired by the Meyers-Briggs personality types.

For the games, I had the chance to provide two background locations; a classroom, and a theatre prop room.



In order to save myself from some massive headaches later, I did both scenes in black ink to make a greyscale image first, then scanned them and added color later on Photoshop. I think working like that made it easier for me to find cohesive color palettes for images with so many little bits and pieces and stuff going on.

I was a bit worried about how the backgrounds would gel with the characters painted by other artists, but the team at LGAL did a wonderful job both with the plotting of the story and with matching characters to scenery.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.30.20 PM

All in all, it was a great experience to work on such a cool project. Here’s a link to the first of the four games put out; I highly recommend you take a look and play it for a while, it’s a very engrossing choose your own adventure style game! Just remember to save every once in a while so you can go back and explore other endings.

Mollusk Collection

October 22, 2013 § 6 Comments

My collection of snail fabric has arrived in the mail! I never feel like my patterns are really finished until I can hold them in my hands.






Over the past few years, my Mom has taken up quilting. She’s now well on her way to mastering traditional, geometric quilting, as well as landscape quilting (which I encourage you to look up- I had never heard of it before she took a class on the subject, and the quilts people create are absolutely stunning). While working on these snail patterns, I was inspired by her to do a collection of fabrics that could be used together in a project like a quilt. While it doesn’t really look like it in these pictures, the snails and polka dots all use the same color palette to make them easy to mix and match. A better look can be had here.

Day Job

October 15, 2013 § 10 Comments

I’ve never quite gotten the hang of networking; I can see how useful it is, but I really have to push against my first instincts to strike up a conversation with a stranger and call attention to myself. But sometimes, just talking to people in a non-serious way can open up new opportunities.

Word got out at my day job that I had gone to art school. First, I was asked to finish a mural someone else had started in the break room. After I proved myself by wrapping it up in a timely manner, I was given other things to work on. Like cute little “growth charts” to track our quarter’s sales, with the idea being that as our sales increased, they would be slowly colored in. The best part was definitely putting together outfits out of items we had in store at the moment.


As I worked on them, they were dubbed Jacques and Sierra by passers-by. Each stands about three feet tall, way bigger than I’m used to drawing.

Next came some decoration for a chalk board in the break room.


The ghost was a contribution of a coworker. We are quite the talented bunch.

Word spread, and I was called over to a different store to do some work for them in their break room too.




I know it’s impossible to get a sense of the whole thing from these photos, but believe me when I say it doesn’t seem to be made out of so many disparate pieces in person.

All in all, I had a pretty great time brainstorming with the store managers to come up with something that suited the space and would add something to the environment while keeping in mind that I had a limited amount of time and materials to work with. Not to mention working on a much larger scale than usual! While I don’t think I’ll be pursuing a career in mural work any time soon, these projects have been refreshing departures from both my personal work and my normal work day.

Snail Pop

August 27, 2013 § 7 Comments

So long without a post! I suppose that’s what happens when you go on vacation, move to a new apartment, and feel like challenging all AT&T representatives you speak with to hand-to-hand combat. What I’m trying to say is, I have no internet connection. But I promise that I have been getting a bit of work done.

After taking a trip to the Natural History Museum here in LA, I found a lot of inspiration in the collections there. Specifically, the huge groups of stuff. Shells and minerals and birds and bones. Maybe other people go for the wonderful animal dioramas, but I am a big fan of organized, vast collections.



More work will result from this trip, I think, but to start, I was inspired to go back to one of my first loves: snails.



Somehow the organization of creating a pattern felt like the right way to interpret a museum collection.

Here is where I’m limited by blogging on my phone- I wish I could give you a better look at all the patterns! If you’d like to investigate any of them further, please head over here.

There’s plenty more inspiration to be had from my trip (those gemstones! those ducks!) and I’m sure I’ll be back soon with more to share.

Fur Coats

July 6, 2013 § 18 Comments

It’s finally here!


My fabric, now titled Indigo Wolf Pack, has come in from Spoonflower. And it looks so good! My swatch is printed on their organic cotton knit, which added a slight yellow tone that I find appealing.


I’m impressed with the quality, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with other methods of getting my pattern on to fabric.

Wolf Pack

June 12, 2013 § 12 Comments

I’ve been pretty distracted lately as my own personal wolf pack has grown. But friendships and relationships have been on my mind lately, so here’s an unending sea of wolves, a tight knit pack.


First, laying out the grid and drawing the wolves…


Starting to paint!


The painting ended up a little too big to fit comfortably on my scanner. I always keep my fingers crossed when photomerging things- sometimes Photoshop messes up spectacularly.


And after adding some color, we have a wolf pack! I’ve been loving all the indigo dyed/chambray pieces of clothing I’ve seen floating around lately, and wanted to try and get that beautiful deep blue. Maybe I’ll just have to print this on some fabric and make myself something cool…


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